Best NBA Jerseys from 2022-23 Season

And just like that, we see the end of another record breaking prolific season of NBA seeing the Denver Nuggets winning their first ever NBA Championship, with Nikola Jokic put together a prolific performance as usual and taking home the first Bill Russell NBA Finals MVP. The Heat were on the cusp of completing one of the most improbable championship runs in league history and one of the most exciting Playoff series to date.

Along with an incredible conclusion to a massive season, Nike delivered some of the best Jerseys to date. Association, classic, city and even the alternative strips, there are some amazing kits in the league right now. It's a great time to be a fan and collector. There are many that easily knock off the best from the 2021-22 season, in fact, we'd go as far as to say there are a few shirts that could give some of the best NBA jerseys of all time a run for their money. But would love to hear your thoughts on what have been your favourites from the years gone!

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Utah Jazz - Icon Edition

These uniforms are one that we saw the Jazz take a big jump in terms of change in both the colour and the word font. A change that was disliked among many in the NBA world at first now actually seems a bit too harsh for these threads.

While the neon yellow is indeed a little bright for the eyes, it's not only a necessary bold change for the Jazz, but its able to stand out well on-court with no question. While the design itself is so simple, it does not lack the flare needed to bring eyes to this team. The intriguing colour way is a nice change of pace opposed to many teams' generic, boring uniforms.

We all think this takes the cake for the best jersey of the year... a real icon and statement for such a strong Jazz team in 2022-23.

Minnesota Timberwolves - Statement Edition

The statement jerseys by the Timberwolves in 2022-23 didn't make a huge statement and doesn't revolutionise the jersey market but all the pieces and colours work really nicely together and that Aurora Green pop against the Grey really ticks the simple but effective box. With the subtle hints of the "M" and "V" in "Timberwolves" script, replicating a wolves fangs is a cool touch. 

Not the best of the year from any account but a really well put together jersey that had a lasting impression on the team that we saw many try and replicate them in our customiser! 

Phoenix Suns - Classic Edition

Although not a new design being added to the jersey lineup and undeniable legend has been reborn once again. The uniforms celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 1992-93 squad that made the NBA Finals behind MVP Charles Barkley. 

The jersey concept from the 1990s, which is arguably the biggest fan favourite in the franchise’s history of over 50 years lives on and is still one of the most iconic NBA Jerseys ever. Easy W from us and so glad it continues to live on.

Dallas Mavericks - City Edition

The Mavericks graphically rewind the clock to the retro-fashion aesthetic of the late 70s and early 80s in this City Edition jersey and shorts. By incorporating the team’s historical colour palette with an inline groovy word mark, the team achieves a nostalgic, retro-chic design with modern, fashion forward stylings of the apparel industry landscape today. 

A real shake up for the Dallas franchise who are traditionally quite straight forward with their jersey design in the past, a welcomed addition to their roster and one that hopefully inspired many of their jersey designs to come...

Atlanta Hawks - City Edition

These¬†go so HARD. I think it's the combo of colour and font that really pull this together to make it a strong competitor to the best of the year. Paying respect to the ‚ÄúPeachtree State,‚ÄĚ the peach shades on the black jersey just look so sharp. In addition, the font is also awesome and it reminds me of the font from the¬†Donald Glover show ‚ÄúAtlanta‚ÄĚ.

Memphis Grizzlies - City Edition

The Memphis Grizzlies made quite a statement with this one. They boldly embraced their city's hip-hop heritage and pay homage to rappers in the city of Memphis with gold and chrome details and a sparkled block wordmark that might appear on a 90s album cover. The best detail is right above the jersey tag. There's a gold grill in the shape of bear fangs. 

Boston Celtics - City Edition

Hard to give this one any criticism due to the sentimental factor of this one for the Celtics and the basketball community. It is a clean well though out uniform and complimented with a really timeless design. Have to include it in the top for the year for an incredible homage to one of the best to ever do it in our game.

From first glance it doesn't scream Boston Celtics with their word mark and change of colour but it's a welcomed addition. The uniform is a darker green than the Celtics usually wear, with the team name scripted across the front in white with gold trim. The scripted wordmark is a tribute to the awning outside Russell’s Slade’s Barbecue restaurant, which he owned in the 1960s. 

Gold and black trim are at the collar and around each arm, and down the sides of the jersey and shorts are black bands incorporating¬†11 gold diamonds ‚ÄĒ another nod to Russell‚Äôs 11 championships. Within the black stripes on the sides are a tonal pattern based on the Celtics‚Äô famous parquet floor.

Denver Nuggets - City Edition

Beside them winning a championship in this jersey that is all that is winning for us unfortunately. It's nice but it is no statement going down in historical championship winning jerseys. If you look at them from far away, they look pretty basic. However, zoom in and you see interesting things being done with the font to give some nods to the city of Denver, and a cool gradient on the sides of the jerseys. I’m in on it, they look cool, but it’s definitely not out there. Simple is effective but just needs something to give a bit of championship energy and flare.

Detroit Pistons - City Edition

I think the real winner on this one is the story built around this design. The colour combination is a weird one, bold for sure, but also a bit unbalanced and it's colour scheme and graphics have no discernible connection to the Pistons'. The jerseys were created in collaboration with Big Sean, the Pistons' creative director of innovation, and are coloured green to match the historic St. Cecelia's Gym gym's logo.

The St. Cecelia's Gym, also known as The Saint, is known for the legendary players who got their start there, including Jalen Rose, Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas. A pretty damn impressive roster without us going on for a long while.

So a decent design along with a good story makes for a pretty clean outcome and honestly we are all for it.


Let us know your thoughts below on what your favourite from the 2022-23 season was... any that we missed or should have left out? Let us know!

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